And Then There Was One…

I have never actually read any blogs, or really been interested in blogging–until now. To understand me as a new blogger, you must first understand who I am. I am a full time student and worker, and am aspiring to be a doctor. Pediatrician, to be specific. I am on a pre-medicine track, but I decided the only way to truly be myself, is to be unlike everyone else. Which is why I decided to major in English to stick to what I love to do- reading and writing. “How are you going to be a doctor with an English major?” The answer to that question is very simple- I can do whatever the hell I want. Statistics show that medical schools are now interested in students who major in something besides the wildly popular- science major. So, I am a writer/doctor-to-be and I love ever second of it.

I go to college in a very small town that I happened to have called home for the past 19 years. I am on my second semester of my freshmen year, 9 months out from when I graduated from my little high school. Throughout high school, I developed many close relationships with many friends. Some came, some left. Some came back, and some left again. Eventually, after everyone grew up and got over themselves, we developed a very tight bonded circle of true friends. We all, at one point, said we would all go to college together and be friends forever. Well forget that. That brings me to the title of this intro of my life. They all left. They all left me in this small paper town with nothing but my doctor/writer dreams. One friend is an hour away, another friend is two. One friend is ten minutes away, but that doesn’t matter to them, I guess. And then one friend, my best friend, is 12 hours away, which is a completely different story for a completely different day. My point is, I am surrounded by my loving family and coworkers, but I am alone. I am alone in this world with my dark, extravagant, and unpredictable thoughts that lead me on a unusual journey each day. An unusual journey that will craft this blog into a depiction of myself.


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