13 Taylor Swift GIFs for the Soul

It is definitely no secret that I love Taylor Swift. I am proud to refer to myself as a hardcore swifter. I rock out to 1989 everyday of my life. She is the most aspiring and intriguing celebrity, because of her wittiness and love for her fans. She never fails to be herself and win the hearts of everyone. Her beauty, inside and out, shines through every thing she does, and for that, she inspires me.


Taylor displays true love for her fans, and I can pretend she’s pointing at me in this…


Her attitude is brilliant!


The instant classic Shake it Off scene of Taylor twerking. Only she can achieve at making fun of herself in the best way!


My favorite moment of Blank Space. Taylor acting crazy is sooo damn attractive.


A beautiful clip of Taylor from Style. A vision I can only wish to see in my dreams!


Taylor and Ed have been good friends for a while. Another friendship made in Heaven!

I remember watching this moment for the first time. I had seriously thought I had died and gone to Heaven.

IMG_0873 Once again- only Taylor Swift.

IMG_0874 Her awkward dancing in the audience never ceases to amaze me. Perfection. Holy perfection.


That dress though…


Her laugh is adorable!


More awkward dancing!! Shake Shake Shake

IMG_0878 Take a bow Taylor, you deserve it!

I do not own any image on this post or any gif


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